My name is MystyMoon and my passion is healing and helping other women heal themselves.

 I am a certified holistic health practitioner, health coach trained by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, yoga instructor, and, sound healer. 


My passionate for working exclusively with women is due to my belief that when a woman is balanced and in harmony she passes that on to her child and significant other. Therefore, when you heal the woman, you heal the world. 

Over the course of 16 years I have studied various holistic modalities including body psychology, holistic counseling, massage therapy, Chinese medicine, sound healing, reiki, and womb care. I've worked in environments such as acupuncture clinics, holistic drug/pain rehab centers, spas, and healing retreats.

None of these trainings and experiences compare to my own journey dealing with depression, suicide, and PTSD. Two years ago I had a nervous breakdown and found myself in a mental hospital, it was during this experience that allowed me to have a spiritual awakening and clarity on how to truly heal my depression. What I realized is that it takes a tribe to truly heal. Most importantly the body, mind, emotion, and spirit of the person must be addressed simultaneously. This includes: a solid spiritual practice, diet, exercise, mental hygiene, and emotional intelligence. If even one of these pillars are missing, healing will not be sustainable. Lastly, your tribe consist of a therapist, health coach, supportive community, and God as you understand God. 


My mission and purpose is to help women shift out of any imbalance she may be suffering from. Rather its depression, PDST, weight loss, emotional eating, negative self-image, or constantly attracting toxicity in your life, the formula is the same. I will guide you towards getting to the core of your imbalance. Together we will pull up the roots of those toxic weeds, plant healthy seeds, and you will then walk away with tools that will allow you to navigate through life's ebbs and flows with ease. It will not be easy at first but I promise you the work will pay off. 








Heal the Woman, Heal the World







Health Coach sessions are designed to be a 3 month or 6 month package in which we meet twice a month.

This is designed so that you have plenty of time to go through the ebbs and flows of your healing. Often times after a few sessions one begins to feel better and decides to discontinue receiving support only to find a challenge presents itself and knocks her back a few steps. Knowing you have 3 or 6 months of coaching will assure you the support, if and when such challenges present themselves. This gives you plenty of opportunities to recondition yourself to have consistency in maintaining a well balanced life regardless of internal and external obstacles.



3 month program includes:


6x  Health coaching sessions via Zoom

(There is no time limit on each session, we stop when you feel complete)

 A customized pre-recorded yoga sequence with sound healing  

21 day detox program

Customized healing kit that will be mailed to your home

Unlimited email support in between sessions 

6 month program includes:


12x  Health coaching sessions via Zoom

(There is no time limit on each session, we stop when you feel complete)

2x Customized pre-recorded yoga sequences with sound healing  

2x 21 day detox program

Customized healing kit that will be mailed to your home

Unlimited email support in between sessions 




If you're in need of any support I am offering one free session. There will be no time limitations. The session will end when you feel complete. 

You'll be amazed at how one conversation can change your life.








Restorative Yoga

Rooted in the Viniyoga tradition. What makes this practice unique is the breath initiates the movement of each pose allowing a deeper awareness of your body. Here you focus more on the function versus the form. This allows you to practice at the level of your body's own yoga evolution; therefore, anyone can participate regardless of experience. This practice is gentle yet pushes the body towards strength in a subtle way.

MaYoni'at Womb Yoga

This form of yoga was designed by Maati Sanovia Muhammad and inspired form the ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) Yoga tradition. We use sacred word vibrations, affirmations, breath coordination with movements, and postures inspired from the tomes, pyramids, and ancient writings of Kemet. Through this practice we "Honor the Sacred Seat of Creation" though reclaiming our inner feminine power.     


I offer pre-recored yoga classes that are design specifically for you.   This includes a customized sound healing while in Savasana.

This service is a package of 4 different sequences to give you the option to rotate every week. 






"Hot Seat" Coaching with MystyMoon 

Tune in as I coach Olivia. We'll discuss how to holistically create balance with mental health.

Womb Wisdom 

Listen To Relieve Stress, Anxiety, And Depression  

This 20min binaural track is tuned to 528Hz which is the "love frequency".


Here's a list of its benefits:
Returns human DNA to its original perfect state (WOW!)
Boost self confidence and self esteem
Calms and centers the mind


For best results listen with headphones


Rave Reviews 

Since the moment I met Mysty I knew she was called into my life. Her love and compassion is genuine and I immediately found myself opening up to her. I was on a search to find help to work through some issues and past traumas so I jumped at the opportunity to work with her when she offered free sessions. Mysty opened her home and her heart to me. Since working with Mysty I've connected with my feminine spirit on a deeper level. She helped the little girl inside of me who lost her voice speak her truth. 
After each session I felt lighter and more grounded, Since working with Mysty I've applied self care rituals and speak mantras daily over me and my family. Mysty is my sanctuary and I am blessed to have her. She is such a great example in my life and a confirmation that women of color need healthy connections with one another.
Living in a world where judgement and one word labels are passed around so freely it's a blessing to be embraced for who I am and where I am. My hope is that Mysty reaches multitudes of women and continues this work.


Oakland, CA


I enjoy working with Mysty because it is the kind of space I need held for me and my healing process at this time. It supports the things I have already been using but it gives me a different view of how to use them. I enjoy it because it’s focused on me and my needs and what’s going on within. I enjoy it because it feels safe and it validated what I am feeling and needing. 


In two sessions I received a lot of insight to what’s been going on in my mind, heart and soul. I look forward to figuring out more and understanding this dark side of myself. 

I wasn’t very satisfied with my life when I first contacted MystyMoon Wellness for Women. Now, after just a few sessions, I feel like an entirely different person. I can’t recommend these coaching sessions enough.




Mysty has worked with me through a major event in my life. I’m positive that working with her is part of a catalyst that has led to the process of a complex and beautiful transformation that is occurring in my life. She has lovingly pushed me and supported me through this time using her intuition, wisdom, and patience. Mysty is a blessed healing coach.




I am very blessed and humbled to have met Mysty in Feb. of 2017 in Oakland, California.  When I found out she was doing healing  sessions with women, I knew I wanted to work with her.  Since I began my journey with her,  my life has been changing for the better!!  She has guided me with understanding my own traumas and developing new patterns and ways in life.  She has provided me with immense support and courage to look at what my life can be with believing in myself.  Mysty has an insightful and beautiful way of helping people especially when it comes to holistic healing.  My goals and visions I had for myself for many years are developing into reality that happened within the first week we started together.  The first week we checked in, I realized the huge decision I had to make after Mysty and myself discussed it.  This huge decision was something I did not want to confront for many years and talking about it with her made me realize how it was holding me back.  I took a risk and now living my life according to how I want to which is one with self love and full acceptance of myself. Our sessions were via phone which was new to me since I live 3 hours away from the Bay Area, but clearly had no impact on how much I got out of it.  I would recommend her to anyone who wants to grow, expand, and begin creating the life they have always wanted. Thank you so much for all your guidance - Ana 


Fresno, CA

 I am so happy to share my experience of nutritional coaching by Mysty. I have worked and studied with Mysty in the past and know her to take her studies and work serious. Every session feels relaxed and focused. While being guided through my own journey to wellness, I am watching Mysty navigate through her healing and path to optimal health. I have appreciated every aspect of her sharing and feel very fortunate to have the experience of receiving the guidance she offers. The video support is some of my favorite stuff. The recipes have been simple. As a person always searching for the cream of the crop of healers and teachers, I have only the highest regard for the work she is doing. I highly recommend anyone looking for more refinement and professional support to work with Mysty. You will be pleased, if you are looking to go deep to become your best self.


San Diego,CA

Mysty has taught me so much, not only about food and nutrition and how to take baby steps with my health but also how to look deeper within myself to heal those parts of me that hold me back. I have discovered and started listening to the voice within myself that tends to hold me back when it comes to self-care. Mysty understands how to help her clients delve deep and I am eternally grateful for her care, her knowledge, and her spirit.


Divide, CO

Queen Afua

"As a woman, I am not powerless. I am most powerful. I can determine the destiny of my body. I can heal myself. It is my birthright. It is my divine right to heal myself and my family."

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